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Ocean Voyager

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Judson Rosebush Company proudly presents users ages 8 and up with its award-winning Ocean Voyager CD-ROM, an undersea exploration game that truly defines the meaning of edutainment. Developed as part of the Smithsonian's Ocean Planet Exhibit and co-published by Times Mirror Magazines, Judson Rosebush Company's team of artists, programmers, writers, and designers launch the player, as Captain, onboard a high-tech submarine with an environmental mission to accomplish. Colorful animation, Quicktime movies, and a crew of quirky characters aid the player in rescuing the pesky lost seal, Arpo. A seemingly infinite database of information about the ocean, its inhabitants, and the global consequences of human actions provide the player with hours of fun and education, and demonstrates the unparalled level of sophistication and production value that Judson Rosebush Company provides.