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Business to Business

CBS Fall Preview

CBS Fall Preview

Click on the CBS Fall Preview disk to interact with programming schedules, and learn about some of the catchiest titles in media promotion disks!

CBS MarkeTalk Interactive

CBS MarkeTalk CBS MarkeTalk CBS MarkeTalk

Click on the left markeTalk disc to see how Judson Rosebush Company can create jun-felled promotion.

CBS Photos and Press Guide

CBS Photos Icon

Click on the cover to see how hundreds of pictures, captions and press releases can be forefully presented on CD-ROM.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet

Click on the Million Dollar Disc to see how we equip a sales force with a marketing tool.

HBO Summer/ Fall 1995 Programming

HBO Icon Hbo Other

These promotional CDs combine photo browsers with Quicktime previews of the fall shows. Open up the disk on the left.

Advertising At Mars

The Advertisement At mars Icon

Click on the cover to how we help a company advance its marketing philosophy.

Landmines: Clearing The Way

Click on the cover to see how we bring an important and compelling topic to life.