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The Judson Rosebush Company

   The Judson Rosebush Company team creates, in a collaborative manner, interactive multimedia products from concept to finish. We constantly remind ourselves that clarity of communication--in all of its facets--is our primary mission. Concept development, project planning and management, content creation, art direction, sound design, precise interactive navigation, software architecture and programming, and testing and mastering, are all skills in which we are fluent.

   The staff of Judson Rosebush Company is an ideal blend of youthful intuition and mature experience and wisdom. This cohesive, highly-talented group of programmers, artists and designers are fluent in multiple programming languages, major multimedia authoring tools, still and video imaging, and desktop publishing. We have significant experience in producing large and small scale cross-platform productions.

   Delivery methods include CD-ROM, World Wide Web and floppy disk, created with an unparalleled attention to detail.

   The Judson Rosebush Company was founded in New York City in 1986 by computer animation pioneer Judson Rosebush. The company specializes in creating interactive multimedia products from concept to finished product. Judson Rosebush Company prides itself not only on its technological strengths, but also on its creative abilities to develop a project concept, produce it, and deliver a gold master disk.

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   Judson Rosebush Company is located in two beautiful artists' studios in the world-famous Carnegie Hall. (Enrico Caruso made his first recording here!) The bright and amenable offices house 16 workstations--both Macintosh and IBM compatible PCs--a small photographer's shooting stage, a software and video library, graphic artists' workspaces, and a conference area.